Two Tips for Budget-Conscious Brides Who Want to Buy a Couture Dress for Their Wedding

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There is no question that couture wedding dresses are far more striking and unique than their off-the-rack counterparts. However, because they are exceptionally beautiful and well-made, these types of dresses also tend to be quite expensive.

If you're a budget-conscious bride who doesn't have a lot of money to spare but would love to wear a couture gown when you get married, here are some tips that should help you with this dilemma.

Look for creative ways to simplify other parts of your wedding

If you want to wear a couture dress on your wedding day but don't have an endless supply of money to spend, then it might be a good idea to look for ways to simplify other parts of your wedding so that you will then have extra money to put towards your dress.

For example, rather than hiring a professional string quartet to play during the ceremony, you could ask some of your musically-inclined friends to play or sing in lieu of buying you and your partner a tangible wedding present. This will not only save you several hundred dollars but will also make the music that you listen to when you get married feel far more meaningful, as it will be performed by people you care about rather than a group of strangers.

Likewise, rather than spending a few hundred dollars on bouquets of fresh flowers for you and your bridesmaids, you might want to learn how to make origami bouquets from coloured paper. Whilst it will take quite a bit of time to acquire this skill and make the bouquets, doing so could save you a lot of money, which you could then use to purchase a beautiful couture dress.

Take excellent care of the dress so that you can sell it after you are finished wearing it

It's worth noting that if you can find the funds to buy a couture wedding dress, you may be able to recoup some of this money after your wedding is over.

The reason for this is as follows: couture wedding dresses are highly coveted, and many brides-to-be who cannot afford to buy them new will often search for second-hand couture gowns online and in vintage shops. They will then pay to have the dresses altered by a dressmaker to fit them.

As such, if you are willing to be extremely careful about taking care of your dress whilst it is in your possession (that is, if you can avoid spilling anything on it or tearing the fabric) and are happy to part ways with it after you get married, you may be able to sell it to another bride-to-be.

Whilst you will probably not be able to recoup all of your money, you may be able to sell it for half the price you paid for it. Doing this will not only make you feel less guilty about this indulgent purchase but will also provide another bride-to-be with the opportunity to experience the joy of getting married in a stunning couture dress.